---------------------------------------- VALUE PRESENTER -----------------------------------------

Mobile Social Networking Platform of Values

Our personal values give us an internal reference for what is good, beautiful,
desirable, etc. They help people question why they do what they do. Over time,
the public expression of personal values lay the foundations of our society.
Personal values, in this way, exist in relation to cultural values,
either in agreement with or opposition to others.

Value Presenter is an agent-based software which enhances the interaction of our
values with others. Presenter tracks the various activities of an individual on
a computer. Over time, it collects the “value-facets” of personality and displays
them as a 3D visualisation on the desktop. The user may also add values and thereby
gain an epic view of his values ("cylinder of the past").

When meeting others, the system presents our own values in relation to the person
with which we are interacting and tries to detect common values which could lead
to new contacts and a better understanding of people.

In collaboration with Daniela Alina Plewe